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Quality Guarantee

Our highly trained staff will strictly implement quality control procedures from sample preparation to data analysis. We adhere to the transparency of all data in every stage of the program. Our bioinformatics analysis scientists are dedicated to delivering accurate, visual, legible and easy-to-understand data within agreed timeline and without compromising quality.


End-to-end Solutions

Empowered by unrivaled expertise and advances in single-cell approaches, Creative Biolabs has developed integrated end-to-end single cell omics solutions to study differences at single-cell level of genome, transcriptome, epigenome, and proteome. We are dedicated to facilitating your projects in diverse areas, such as immunology, oncology, microbiome, development,etc.


Licensing and Collaboration

As a renowned player in the field of single cell multiomics researches, Creative Biolabs has been establishing a strong network of academic and industrial collaborators. We always seek opportunities for new partnerships to achieve a win-win relationship. Would you be interested in exploring single cell programs with Creative Biolabs? Please feel free to contact our experts to explore potential cooperation possibilities.


Customer Feedback

Do you have any suggestions for how we can serve you better? Do you have an idea for great content you prefer to see online? Have you been looking for a service/product, but can't find what you need anywhere? Tell us about it. We appreciate all the feedback you share, and will try to create a better Creative Biolabs experience which is more responsive, interactive, and informative.

Our Mission

Partnering with Creative Biolabs to Address the True Complexities and Gain a Multidimensional View at Single-Cell Level

Creative Biolabs provides a comprehensive suite of single cell omics solutions to help our clients address the true complexities of cancer, immunology, microbiome, development, etc. Our scientists are dedicated to designing innovative approaches to gain a multidimensional view of your program at single-cell level. We aim to uncover the secrets of gene expression profiles between individual cells, discover previously undetected subpopulations, and reveal new insights into the composition, dynamics, and regulatory mechanisms of heterogeneous cell populations. We are applying single cell data-driven technologies to reveal the true biology and deep dive into single-cell research.