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Single Cell Functional Analysis Service


Single-cell sequencing analysis allows for profiling genomic information or expression patterns at a single time point. While single-cell functional analysis such as live single-cell imaging, single-cell tracking, single-cell motility monitoring make it possible to research the functions of a single cell in a dynamic process. Creative Biolabs has organized a team of scientists with extensive experience in the study of single-cell functional analysis to offer you one-stop services on your single-cell functional analysis project. We can help with your experiment design, carry out your experiments, and perform data analysis, to advance your project and maximize your success.

Single Live Cell Imaging by Microscopy

Live single-cell imaging is a powerful live cell imaging technique that combines traditional live cell imaging and time-lapse microscopy techniques to study signaling dynamics and behavior in populations of individual living cells. We employ the first-in-class live single-cell imaging technique to provide incomparable live single-cell imaging services, facilitating a better understanding of key behaviors and functions of a single cell that would otherwise be masked in population averaging experiments.

Single Cell Tracking by Microscopy

Cell tracking involves labeling cell ex vivo using a contrast agent and imaging their time-varying distribution in vivo. Single-cell tracking is used to monitor the motion of individual cells, widely used as a preclinical or clinical research tool. Equipped with a non-invasively labeling method and a time-lapse video-microscopy, we provide superior quality services of single-cell tracking.

Single Cell Motility Monitoring

Traditional cell motility assay is to study the average cell migration velocity which does not reflect individual cell motility. Single Cell has accumulated extensive experience in single cell analysis and established a comprehensive and unparalleled technical platform for single cell analysis including single cell motility monitoring. Our services will facilitate the research of physiological and pathological processes.

Single Cell Biochemical Activity Measurement

The metabolic activity of an organism depends on both the individual and collective activities of its cells. Hence the measurement of single cell biochemical activity is essential for understanding the recognition of cell heterogeneity in cell biology. Currently, single-cell phospho-specific flow cytometric analysis and micro/nanofluidics have been applied for research of single-cell biochemical and functional heterogeneity. As a leader in single-cell analysis, Single Cell offers a variety of solutions for single-cell biochemical analysis, helping you better understand the cell heterogeneity.

Single Cell Traction Forces Measurement

Cell traction forces (CTFs) are generated by actomyosin interactions and actin polymerization, which play important roles in many biological processes such as inflammation, angiogenesis, wound healing, and metastasis. We offer the best CTF measurement services at a single cell level based on a variety of powerful technologies such as 3D cell traction force microscopy. Our team is dedicated to maximizing the success of your single cell research.

Single Cell Antigen Specificity Measurement

Recently, it has become possible to measure the single cell specificity to a large number of antigens in high-throughput way. With advanced single cell technologies, we can help you detect and analyze cellular antigen specificity, to advance the immune cell phenotyping and dynamic interactions between immune cells and target cells. With our streamlined workflows, we offer end-to-end services from sample prep, library construction, to data analysis, revealing insights into the antigen specificity of lymphocytes.


  • Fast and personal consultation by experienced single-cell analysis experts.
  • Process single-cell samples for a wide range of sample types.
  • Provide end to end solutions from experiment design, conducting, to data analysis and interpretation.

Creative Biolabs is an excellent biotechnology company who integrates deep-rooted biological expertise with our comprehensive single-cell profiling technologies to provide a full spectrum of high-quality custom single-cell functional analysis services for global clients. If you are interested in our services, please don't hesitate to contact us to get more details.

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