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Creative Biolabs provides a comprehensive range of customized, high-quality services in single cell immune profiling service to support sciences research in immunology and related biomedical industries worldwide, with proven experience and expertise to help researchers explore the incredible diversity of the innate and adaptive immune system.

Immune Repertoire

The immune repertoire is defined as the sum of T cell receptors (TCR) and B cell receptors (BCR) that make the organism's adaptive immune system (Liu, Wu, 2018). In the vertebrate immune system, the diversity of T and B cells in terms of receptor sequences is enormous, providing comprehensive protection against a wide range of diseases. Due to the random combinations of germline gene segments and by random addition or deletion at the junction site of the segments, resulting in extremely rich diversity of BCR and TCR gene sequences. These diverse collections of sequences are also called immune repertoires.

Our Single Cell Immune Profiling Services

We offer scientific and meticulous design for cell suspension, library construction, sequencing, and data analysis to ensure high-quality research results. For single cell immune profiling services, we offer TCR immune profiling service and BCR immune profiling service. BCR immune profiling service can be applied in single cell-based antibody discovery to facilitate the paired variable heavy and light chain sequencing.

Our Single Cell Immune Profiling Services. Fig.1 Our Single Cell Immune Profiling Services. (Creative Biolabs)


Single Cell TCR Profiling Service

Creative Biolabs provides single cell TCR profiling service to get paired alpha and beta chain sequences and a better understanding...

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Features & Benefits

  1. High throughput
  2. Transcriptome and immunome data of 500-10,000 cells can be obtained simultaneously for one sample; for high throughput platform, we can run 8 samples (20,000 cells for one sample) in one experiment.

  3. High resolution
  4. The immune repertoire information can be obtained at a single-cell level.

  5. More comprehensive information
  6. We can get the full-length sequence of V(D)J and sequence information on paired alpha and beta chains of TCR and the paired heavy and light chains of BCR in individual cells.

  7. Single cell expression
  8. Cell-matched immune repertoire (TCR/BCR) information and 5' gene expression can be determined simultaneously.

  9. One-stop service
  10. We can provide one-stop service from sample processing to data visualization, or provide customized analysis procedures with the most up-to-date technical solutions.

Published Data

Here are some results displayed that refer to the drawings of single cell immune profiling articles.

  1. Single cell transcriptome analysis
  2. t-SNE map of cell clusters. Fig.2 t-SNE map of cell clusters. (Azizi, 2018)

    Cell trajectory and pseudo-time Fig.3 Cell trajectory and pseudo-time (R. Mathew, 2020)

  3. Single cell immune repertoire analysis
  4. Length distributions of CDR3 Fig.4 Length distributions of CDR3 (Ou, 2018)

    V-J paired circos plot Fig.5 V-J paired circos plot (Yang, 2021)

  5. Integrative analysis of single cell transcriptome and single cell immune repertoire

UMAP plot of BCR isotype Fig.6 UMAP plot of BCR isotype (R. Mathew, 2020)

Application Prospect

Single cell immune profiling can help researchers get insight into life mechanisms, and have a wide range of applications in the fields of tumor microenvironment, infectious diseases, and autoimmune disorders.

Applications of single cell immune profiling. Fig.7 Applications of single cell immune profiling. (Creative Biolabs)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the advantages of single-cell immune profiling?

Advantages of single cell immune profiling. Fig.8 Advantages of single cell immune profiling. (Creative Biolabs)

Q2. What are the differences between the two chains of TCR and BCR? Which chain is recommended?

The TCR beta chain and BCR heavy chain are encoded by V, D, and J genes, while the TCR alpha chain and BCR light chain are encoded by V, J genes. According to the published articles, there are many studies on TCR beta chain and BCR heavy chain.

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