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Single Cell Metabolomics Services

Single-cell metabolomics provides information about the biochemical state of a single cell and its relationship with its surroundings. It is difficult to characterize metabolic cellular heterogeneity due in part to the small number of analytes and their large dynamic concentration ranges within individual cells. Typically having a molecular weight of less than 1 kDa, these small molecules form the basis of biochemical heterogeneity within cells. Typically, random stochastic biochemical processes, cell cycle phases, environmental stress, and diseased states are attributed to the molecular differences between cells within a cell type.

Single-cell metabolomics overview.Fig.1 Single-cell metabolomics overview. (Guo, 2021)

Fig.2 Cell metabolomics. (Creative Biolabs Original)

Single Cell Energy Metabolism Profiling Service

To assist researchers in examining metabolic reactions in various cell types and studying energetic metabolism reprogramming in cancer and immune responses, Creative Biolabs offers a wide variety of personalized, high-quality services in single cell energy metabolism profiling.

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Fig.3 Single cell MALDI-MSI. (Creative Biolab Authorized) (

Single Cell MALDI-MSI Service

Single cell MALDI-MSI (Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization/Mass Spectrometry Imaging) is a very useful technique. It can provide information about metabolites at the subcellular level and help pinpoint the exact location of these metabolites within the cell.
We provide highly customized single cell MALDI-MSI service. Our goal is to assist you in elucidating the cellular heterogeneity that exists during the generation of metabolites in response to specific environmental conditions at specific time intervals.

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Fig.4 scFBA. (Creative Biolab Authorized) (

Single Cell Flux Balance Analysis (scFBA)

scFBA is a computational framework that translates single-cell fluxomes to characterize the metabolism of heterogeneous cancer cells.
Creative Biolabs offers the scFBA method for a more in-depth analysis of your single-cell transcriptomics data. We intend to assist researchers in defining metabolic cellular heterogeneity.

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Fig.5 Single cell CE-ESI MS. (Creative Biolab Authorized) (

Single Cell CE-ESI MS

Using single cell CE-ESI MS (Capillary Electrophoresis Electrospray Ionization-Mass Spectrometry), Creative Biolabs offers a wide variety of specialized, top-notch services to support research into metabolic reactions in various cell types as well as energy metabolism reprogramming in cancer and immune responses.

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Creative Biolabs offers single cell metabolomics services, such as single cell energy metabolism profiling, single cell MALDI-MSI, single cell CE-ESI MS, and single cell flux balance analysis, to provide a snapshot of the small molecules, intermediates, and products of cellular metabolism in a biological system. For more information, please contact us.


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