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Single Cell Research Area

Empowered by unrivaled expertise and advances in single-cell approaches, Creative Biolabs has developed integrated single cell omics solutions to study differences between cell types and subpopulations, at single-cell level of genome, transcriptome, epigenome, and proteome. We are dedicated to discovering the differences at single-cell level, facilitating your projects in diverse areas of biology and disease, such as immunology, oncology, microbiome, development, etc.

Beyond Bulk

Advances in recent various single-cell technologies are providing unprecedented opportunities to discover the differences of biological systems at single-cell level. Traditional average data analyzed across bulk populations can not illustrate various crucial biological phenomena. With state-of-the-art single cell approaches in genome, transcriptome, epigenome, and proteome, it can provide novel and critical insights into diverse biological processes, such as tissue heterogeneity, gene-expression dynamics, cancer development, disease pathogenesis, personalized medicine, etc. In the current era of precision medicine, the single-cell omics solution is highly promising due to its potential in analyzing integrated data from diverse omics platforms, providing multi-faceted insights into the interrelation of these omics layers on disease diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutics.


Tumor heterogeneity

Single Cell Omics Solutions for Oncology

To better explore novel cancer treatments, it's critical to understand the tumor heterogeneity and the underlying mechanisms of tumor metastasis. Various single cell technologies provide insights into tumor heterogeneity, cancer immunotherapies, cancer development and evolution, profiling tumor microenvironment, discovering novel cell types and states, etc. Single Cell is committed to partnering with our clients for high-throughput single cell omics solutions, providing a complete R&D platform to facilitate analyze the complexities of cancer through cutting-edge technologies at single-cell level, in different omics platforms. Our scientists are dedicated to gaining a multidimensional view of cancer including but not limited to the following cancer cells:

Single Cell Omics Solutions for Immunity and Microbiome

With recent major clinical success made by cancer immunotherapies, we increasingly appreciate the important roles of immunity including innate and adaptive immunities. Tumor microenvironment is closely associated with tumor progression, metastasis. Analysis of tumor infiltrated immune cells can provide insights into tumor diagnosis, prognosis, and therapeutics. Microbiome plays a critical role in human physiology. To better understand how specific microbial clades interact with host cells to modulate cancer development, it's critical to dissect the human microbiome at single-cell level. Moreover, discovering microbiome-directed immunity is another potential approach toward oncology precision medicine. We are applying a single cell data-driven approach to advance your immuno-oncology and microbiome-oncology projects.


Immune cell profilling at single-cell level

Single Cell Omics Solutions for SARS-CoV-2 Infection

Single-cell omics for virus

Single Cell Omics Solutions for SARS-CoV-2 Infection

Single-cell omics technology has been applied in the field of virology, providing new ways to explore viral diversity and anti-virus adaptive immune responses, especially for the widely-spreading SARS-CoV-2. We have developed integrated single cell omics solutions to study host cellular heterogeneity which is associated with virus entry and transmission, at the single-cell level of genome, transcriptome, epigenome, and proteome. We are committed to providing tailored single-cell sequencing and analysis solutions to accelerate SARS-CoV-2 research and therapy development. Based on the SARS-CoV-2, our single cell omics services include:

Single Cell Analysis

Comprehensive suit of single cell multiomics solutions provides possibilities to unravel the complexities of biological systems at single-cell level. This provides unique avenues, alongside computational and analysis challenges for integrative data output. With novel approaches to profile genetic, transcriptomic, epigenetic, spatial, proteomic information at single-cell level, our bioinformatics analysis scientists are dedicated to delivering accurate, visual, legible and easy-to-understand data to answer your specific scientific questions. Our provided single cell analysis services including but not limited to:


Clustering and classification at single-cell level

Single cell copy number variation (CNV) analysis Single cell single nucleotide variation (SNV) analysis Single cell insertion and deletion (InDel) analysis Single cell lineage tracing analysis Single cell Gene expression analysis Single cell clustering analysis Single cell type identification analysis Single cell marker gene detection analysis Single cell different gene analysis between different celll populations Single cell gene ontology (GO) analysis Single cell KEGG pathway analysis Single cell RNA velocity analysis Single cell pesudotime analysis Single cell communication analysis Single cell TCGA prognostic combination analysis Single cell DNA methylation analysis Single cell spatial patterns of gene expression analysis

Single cell analysis for drug discovery Single cell analysis for antibody discovery Single live cell imaging by microscopy Single cell tracking by microscopy Single cell motility monitoring Single cell biochemical activity measurement Single cell traction forces measurement Single cell antigen specificity measurement

Partnering with Single Cell to Address the True Complexities and Gain a Multidimensional View at Single-Cell Level

Creative Biolabs provides a comprehensive suite of single cell omics solutions to help our clients address the true complexities of cancer, immunology, microbiome, development, etc. Our scientists are dedicated to designing innovative approaches to gain a multidimensional view of your research at single-cell level. To reveal the true biology and deep dive into single-cell level, please contact us for a customized single cell omics solution.


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