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Leverage Creative Biolabs to unravel the secrets inside single cells.

Each cell makes a difference. At Creative Biolabs we strive to provide our clients with comprehensive single cell omics solutions to uncover critical variations between individual cells.


Single Cell RNA Sequencing Service

Cell populations are rarely homogeneous and synchronized in their characteristics. Single-cell RNA sequencing aims to uncover the transcriptome diversity in heterogeneous samples. Creative Biolabs offers end-to-end workflows including sample preparation, library construction, and data analysis, maximizing your project flexibility, speed, and data accuracy.

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Single Cell-based Antibody Discovery Service

Antibody discovery is riding a single-cell wave, allowing massive numbers of B (BCR) and T (TCR) cells to be individually interrogated for a variety of parameters while at the same time retaining their antigen receptor chain pairing. Creative Biolabs offers single cell sequencing service to accelerate antibody discovery, enabling access to paired heavy and light chain sequences in a high-through approach.

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Single Cell Cytokine Profiling Service

Creative Biolabs offers single cell cytokine profiling service to advance proteomic innovations at single cell level. With the cytokine profiling data, we can discover the functional cell phenotype of each cell, which enables customers to advance immunology research.

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Break Out of the Limitations of Bulk

To better explore novel cancer treatments, it's critical to understand the tumor heterogeneity and the underlying mechanisms of tumor evolution, metastasis. Creative Biolabs provides single cell multiomics solutions and insights into tumor heterogeneity, cancer immunotherapies, cancer development and evolution, profilling tumor microenvironment, discovering novel cell types and states etc.

With recent major clinical success made by cancer immunotherapies, we increasingly appreciate the important roles of immunity including innate and addaptive immunities. Analysis of tumor infiltrated immune cells can provide insights into tumor diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutics. We are applying a single cell data driven approach to advance your immuno-oncology projects.

Microbiome plays a critical role in human physiology. To better understand how specific microbial clades interact with host cells to modulate cancer development, it's critical to dissect the human microbiome at the single-cell level. Moreover, discovering microbiome-directed immunity is another potential approach toward oncology precision medicine. We are applying a single cell data driven approach to advance your microbiome-oncology projects.

Comprehensive suit of single cell multiomics solutions provide possibilities to unravel the complexities of biological systems at the single cell level. With novel approaches to profile genetic, transcriptomic, epigenetic, spatial, proteomic information at the single cell level, our bioinformatics analysis scientists are dedicated to delivering accurate, visual, legible and easy-to-understand data to answer your specific scientific questions.


Discover the Difference

Characterizing Heterogeneity

Traditional average data analyzed across bulk populations can not illustrate various crucial biological phenomena. With state-of-the-art single cell approaches in genome, transcriptome, epigenome and proteome, it can provides novel and critical insights into heterogeneity.

Exploring Cancer Immunotherapies

Single-cell omics solution is highly promising due to its potential in analyzing integrated data from diverse omics platforms, providing multi-faceted insights into the interrelation of these omics layers on disease diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutics. Creative Biolabs offers single-cell omics solutions to help you explore novel cancer immunotherapies.

Unravelling Cancer Evolution

Understanding the evolution of tumor resistance, tumor metastasis, tumor clonal diversity is critical for the cancer discovery and treatment development. With senior scientists and multi-omics advanced platforms, Creative Biolabs provides comprehensive suite of single cell omics solutions for unraveling cancer evolution.

Monitoring of Immunity

The application of single cell genomics technologies has revolutionized the existing approach to explore an individual's immunity. Unfolding the functional diversity of immune cells and their coordinated reaction is key to understand the immune system. Single cell transcriptomics technologies open up a high-dimensional assessment of the transcriptional state of immune cells and have been successfully used to discover novel immune cell types, reveal hematopoietic lineages, identify gene modules regulating immune responses, and analyze lymphocyte antigen receptor diversity.

Profiling the Tumor Microenvironment

In the process of tumorigenesis, genetic heterogeneous cancer cell populations are generated. They evolved and interacted with cells in the tumor microenvironment, leading to host metabolic hijacking, immune escape, transfer to other body parts, and ultimately death. Profiling the tumor microenvironment with single-cell technology can provide valuable insights into the mechanisms of tumor progression and potential cancer immunotherapies.

Welcome to the future of single cell data-driven research.

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