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Single Cell Omics Solutions for Human Microbiome

Based on the advanced sequencing technology for single microbial cells, Creative Biolabs offers several sequencing options for microbiome profiling at an individual level, including single-cell DNA sequencing and single-cell RNA sequencing. We are devoted to easing your research pressure through our incomparable expertise in microbial single-cell omics.

Human Microbiome

The human microbiome is composed of 10 to 100 trillion symbiotic microorganisms that reside on or within human tissues and biofluids. These human microorganisms play important roles in human health and diseases. Human microbiota has been involved in basic human biological processes and the development and progression of major human diseases such as cancer, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), diabetes mellitus, liver diseases, and metabolic syndrome. Hence, it is of great significance to study the function of human microbiota for promoting human health.

Single Cell DNA Sequencing for Human Microbiome

With the development of single-cell DNA sequence technique, it is possible to sequence the entire genome of individual microorganisms in a matter of hours and for much less money. Experienced in the microbial single-cell sequencing, Single Cell has developed an integrated solution from the isolation of individual cells to whole genome amplification, DNA sequencing, and sequence analysis, facilitating human microbiome research at the individual level. Our single-cell DNA sequencing for human microbiome service covers:

  • Single-cell sequencing of microbial genomes
  • Targeted single-cell sequencing of the human microbiome

Overview of steps for single-cell sequencing of microbial genomes. Fig.1 Overview of steps for single-cell sequencing of microbial genomes. (Andrew, 2017)

Single Cell RNA Sequencing for Human Microbiome

Advancements in next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies and bioinformatic tools have offered new approaches for studying transcriptome profiling at the single microbial cell level. Single-cell RNA sequencing and analysis enable us to reveal the expression profiles of individual microbial cells in the context of its microenvironment, uncovering its unique function and existence. As a leader in single-cell RNA sequencing, Single Cell is confident in offering a comprehensive set of solutions for microbial single-cell transcriptome profiling, including isolation of single-cell and RNA, reverse transcription (RT), amplification, library generation, sequencing, and bioinformatics analysis.

Overview of single-cell RNA sequencing workflow. Fig.2 Overview of single-cell RNA sequencing workflow.


  • One-stop microbial single-cell sequencing solution from scheme design, implementation to interpretation
  • Advanced single-cell sequencing and bioinformatics platform to ensure high-quality data delivery
  • Excellent scientist team providing end to end technique guidance
  • Rapid order processing and fast turn-around times

Creative Biolabs is your best partner in the field of single-cell multiomics analysis. We employ the advanced single cell sequencing technique and versatile bioinformatics platform to offer a series of comprehensive solutions at single-cell level, allowing for the analysis of genomics and transcriptome of single microbial cells in the context of a complex human microbial community. If you are interested in our services, please don't hesitate to contact us to get more details.


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