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Microarray Services

Microarrays make it possible to analyze genomic data without resorting to sequencing, which has drastically cut down on the amount of money required to do extensive research in a variety of fields of biology and biomedicine. The majority of what you can do is broken down into three categories. On the one hand, you are able to examine the level of gene expression or the amount of gene product, RNA, that is produced by any particular gene that you discovered in a cell. Then, single nucleotide polymorphisms, sometimes known as SNPs, are an important component of genome-wide association studies, also known as GWASs. You were able to simply examine these SNPs. And finally, multiplexed protein measurements can be carried out using a microarray. It can investigate the function of proteins, the interactions between proteins, as well as model networks and pathways. All these methodologies are utilized in the study of the most prevalent human diseases, as well as a sizeable number of less prevalent ones.

Creative Biolabs' Microarray Services

Fig.1 DNA microarray. (Creative Biolabs Original)

DNA microarray service

Creative Biolabs provides a wide range of DNA microarray services for applied research in genetic diseases and cancer, including genotyping arrays and methylation array services. Our DNA microarray services can assist in identifying variants and epigenetic alterations that contribute to disease and phenotype in a cost-effective and timely manner.

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Fig.2 RNA microarray. (Creative Biolabs Original)

RNA microarray service

RNA microarray is a microchip used to measure RNA levels. RNA microarrays have been widely used to identify regulated genes, pathways, and gene networks in a variety of cells and tissues when two or more related biological conditions are compared. Creative Biolabs offers diverse RNA microarray services, including gene expression, miRNA, lncRNA, and circRNA microarrays.

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Fig.3 Protein microarray. (Creative Biolabs Original)

Protein microarray service

For the specific analysis of various biological processes, Creative Biolabs offers various panels of antibody combinations, such as the cardiovascular disease panel, oncology panel, inflammation panel, nervous system panel, immuno-oncology transition panel, cell cycle regulation panel, cardiac metabolism panel, development biology panel, immune response panel, metabolic panel, neural exploration panel, and organ damage panel.

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At Creative Biolabs, we can provide offer diverse microarray services, including DNA microarray, RNA microarray, and protein microarray. The microarray chip service that we provide is also the best in the industry and can be highly customized to fully meet the needs of customers. In addition, we offer this service at a competitive price. For more information, please contact us.

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