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Single Cell Omics Solutions for Primary Tumor Cells


With unrivaled expertise in precision oncology, Creative Biolabs developed integrated single cell omics solutions for primary tumor cells, facilitating sought-after and innovative approaches to discover the differences between every tumor cells. Our scientists and technicians are dedicated to advancing your single cell-based scientific programs from various omics solutions to big data.

Single Cell DNA Sequencing for Primary Tumor Cells

Advances in DNA amplification and cutting edge single cell sequencing technologies have made single cell DNA sequencing easily accessible to researchers. As an unrivalled single cell solution provider, Single Cell team has extensive experience in single cell sequencing services, and we offer the superior quality solutions including DNA amplification, library construction, DNA sequencing and bioinformatics analysis. With single cell DNA sequencing, the genomic heterogeneity of primary tumor cells can be explored at the individual cell level, such as genetic alterations, single nucleotide variation (SNV), copy number variation (CNV) etc. Our single cell DNA sequencing service covers:

  • Single cell whole genome sequencing (scWGS) solutions
  • Single cell whole exome sequencing (scWES) solutions
  • Single cell targeted sequencing solutions

Single Cell RNA Sequencing for Primary Tumor Cells

Through the expertise in single cell sequencing, Single Cell team now provides the single cell RNA sequencing services to our global customers to advance their oncology programs. Single cell RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) enables the high-resolution transcriptome profiling in single cell level to discover the gene regulator network, heterogeneous gene expression patterns within primary tumor cells. This cutting edge technology promotes the scientific exploration in dissecting tumor progression, profiling tumor microenvironment, uncovering novel cancer therapy, discovering novel tumor cell types and states, detection of treatment resistant cells etc. We are dedicated to providing new avenues to deep dive into tumor cells.

Single Cell Methylation Sequencing for Primary Tumor Cells

As a critical role in epigenetic modification, DNA methylation is importantly involved in gene expression regulation, development and some diseases. With single cell technological innovations, Single Cell team established single cell methylation sequencing platform that enables our clients to study the occurrence and biology of methylation at the single cell level. This technology will uncover more details of heterogeneous tumor cells and rare tumor cells. Integrated the methylation data with other single cell data (such as DNA or RNA sequencing results) will allow deciphering multiple layers of gene expression regulation within each individual cell. We are dedicated to assisting our clients with single cell DNA methylation profiling and other applications' exploration.

Single Cell Proteomic Analysis for Primary Tumor Cells

No two cells are exactly alike. Some functional proteomics are missed because of the limitations of conventional bulk averaging analysis, so it's necessary to develop single cell proteomic analysis to capture the proteomic data at single cell level. Single Cell team is dedicated to a wide range of single cell proteomic analysis services including:

  • Single cell flow cytometry-based analysis through single cell fluorescence flow cytometry, single cell mass cytometry (CyTOF), single cell enzyme-linked immunospot.
  • Single cell microchip-based-based analysis through single cell image cytometry, single cell microengraving method, single cell barcode microchip, single cell western blotting.
  • Single cell DNA barcoding-based analysis.


  • Fast, complete and cost-effective single cell omics services.
  • Interdisciplinary efforts across scientists from various fields.
  • Advanced speed and precision while ensuring high quality outcomes.

As a flexible partner in the single cell multiomics services, Single Cell team aspires to become the trusted solution provider of your first choice. We are committed to advancing your program with our single cell solutions and reducing the overall development timeline for our clients. Please don't hesitate to contact us to know more.

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