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Single Cell Transcriptomics Platform


With years of excellence and commercial success, Creative Biolabs is the ideal partner to drive your single cell project. We provide our customers with one-stop single cell solutions and high-quality single cell transcriptomics technical services to meet their diverse needs. Our commitment to quality reflects our desire and dedication to providing our customers with the best services.

Single Cell Transcriptomics

Single cell transcriptomics allows measuring the gene expression level of single cells in a given population by simultaneously measuring the RNA of hundreds to thousands of genes. It is a transformative technology that is rapidly deepening our understanding of biology. Single Cell has developed a variety of single cell transcriptome platforms, including single cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) platform, single cell CRISPR screening platform, single cell immune profiling and spatial gene expression profiling platform, which enable us to provide our customers with a comprehensive, one-stop solution for cell characterization and gene expression profiling.

scRNA-seq Platform

Currently, it is possible to obtain genome-wide transcriptome data from single cells using scRNA-seq technology. The single cell data enables us to define biological processes more accurately and make better discoveries. The scRNA-seq enables researchers to characterize transcriptomes at single-cell level, which is especially important for further understanding the cellular interaction networks of tissues and organs. The main advantage of scRNA-seq is that high resolution and genome-wide range make it possible to solve problems that are intractable using other methods, such as bulk RNA-seq or single-cell RT-qPCR. At Single Cell, we have developed a variety of scRNA-seq technologies, including but not limited to:

Single Cell Transcriptomics Platform
  • Chromium from 10X Genomics
  • InDrop
  • Drop-seq
  • MARS-seq
  • Nanogrid Single-nucleus RNAseq
  • Smart-seq/Smart-seq2
  • Quartz-seq
  • Seq-well
  • STRT (single-cell tagged reverse transcription)
  • DroNc-seq
  • Microwell-seq
  • SPLiT-seq
  • CEL-seq/CEL-seq2 (cell expression by linear amplifcation and sequencing)
  • Sci-RNA-seq
Single Cell Transcriptomics Platform

Single Cell Gene Expression CRISPR Screening Platform

The recently developed single cell CRISPR screening techniques combine pooled CRISPR screening with scRNA-seq to investigate functional CRISPR screening in a single-cell granularity. The purpose of the pooled CRISPR screen using scRNA-seq is to use CRISPR to perturb the expression of pre-identified genes and quantitatively measure the effects of those perturbations on the transcriptome of the cells of interest, which enables comprehensive profiling of gene perturbations from knock-out mutations. Depending on the nature of the biological questions being studied and the scope of the experiment, Single Cell offers a variety of experimental designs that are used in pooled CRISPR screens to meet the specific needs of our client.

Single Cell Immune Profiling Platform

Single cell immune profiling is a comprehensive approach that allows us to simultaneously examine the cellular context of the adaptive immune response and immune repertoires of thousands of T and B cells on a cell-by-cell basis. At Single Cell, we offer a variety of services for T- and B-cell profiling to help researchers investigate immune cell development, examine mechanisms of autoimmune diseases and cancers. With our streamlined workflows, you can outsource your program from sample preparation, library construction, immune sequencing, to data analysis, providing insights into T and B cell diversity, V(D)J recombination, and immune cell profiling. Our single cell immune profiling has the following features:

  • Reveal clonality, diversity, antigen specificity, and cellular context
  • Assemble and annotate full-length V(D)J gene sequences
  • Pair α and β chain TCR sequences from single T cells
  • Pair heavy and light chain immunoglobulin (Ig) sequences from a single B cell with full isotype resolution
  • Simultaneously measure cell surface protein expression with gene expression
Single Cell Transcriptomics Platform
Single Cell Transcriptomics Platform

Single Cell Spatial Gene Expression Profiling Platform

Spatial gene expression profiling is an advanced technology that allows scientists to measure gene activity and map where the activity is occurring, helping them better understand biological processes and diseases. At Single Cell, we have a powerful single cell gene expression profiling platform enabling the analysis of large cell numbers at the highest capture efficiency. This platform can be used for high-throughput single cell transcriptomics for many different cell types, where the expression of many genes can be visualized simultaneously inside single cells with high spatial and temporal resolution. We offer a comprehensive, scalable solution for cell characterization and gene expression profiling for thousands of cells.

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