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For the purpose of comprehending these cellular differences, it is necessary to first capture and then isolate single cells. However, capturing and isolating single cells in an effective manner from any cell population can be a challenging undertaking. As a result, a wide variety of methods for the capture and isolation of single cells have been investigated.


Immunopanning is a technique that is used to separate single cells from larger populations. Immunopanning is a method that makes use of immunoprecipitation and generates a reasonably high yield of cells as a result of the efficiency and specificity of the antibody. And immunopanning also is a method that not only saves time but also does not call for the use of any specialized equipment; even though it comes at a cost that is somewhat more than typical, it is becoming increasingly popular.

Immunopanning of astrocytes with anti-ITGB5.Fig.1 Immunopanning of astrocytes with anti-ITGB5. (Foo, 2013)

Advantages of Immunopanning in Single Cell Isolation

  • High specificity. Immunopanning is a technique based on cell type-specific antigens.
  • Timesaving. Immunopanning does not require specialized instruments.
  • It can be integrated with magnetic-activated cell sorting (MACS) to reduce the cost and improve the specificity of MACS.

Limitations of Immunopanning in Single Cell Isolation

  • Expensive. This technique is based on immunoprecipitation and needs to use an antibody-coated plate to capture the specific antigens on the cells.
  • Low throughput. The antibody-coated plate has a limited area, meaning it can only capture a limited number of cells at a time.

At Creative Biolabs, we provide customized immunopanning services for a better solution for single cell isolation. If you have any requirements, please feel free to contact us for further communication about your project.

PAN integrated with MACS single cell isolation diagramFig.2 Immunopanning workflow. (Creative Biolabs)


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