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Single Cell Omics Solutions for B Cells

Single cell omics technology is an emerging technology for analyzing B cell receptor (BCR), antibodies and other relevant information in individual B cells. As a leading biotech company specializing in single cell services, Creative Biolabs provides customers with one-stop single-cell solutions to meet their specific research needs.

B Cells

B cells play an important role in the adaptive immune system providing protection against multiple pathogens. This diversity is attributed to the BCR, which enables different cells to bind to different pathogens. B cells can secrete IgG antibodies to clear foreign microorganisms, and the lgE antibody they produce can cause a life-threatening response and the B cells producing lgE antibody are rarely observed and remain enigmatic. Therefore, BCR and immunoglobulin antibody characterization are important for studying adaptive immunity. In recent years, single-cell omics analysis techniques, such as single-cell whole-genome sequencing (scWGS), single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq), have emerged as one of the leading technologies for characterizing and studying BCR, B cell-secreted antibodies, and B-cell somatic mutations in the immune system.

scDNA-seq for B Cells

Single cell DNA sequencing technology can be used to characterize somatic mutations in B cells. Spontaneous accumulation of somatic DNA mutations has been hypothesized as a cause of both cancer and aging. Using an advanced scWGS method, Zhang et al. characterized the mutations in human B cells as a function of age, from newborns to centenarians. Studies have found that mutations increased significantly with age, and that their mutational characteristics are associated with those previously observed in B cell cancers. This comprehensive characterization of somatic mutations in human B cells suggests that spontaneous somatic mutations accumulating with age can be detrimental and may lead to an increased risk of leukemia and the functional decline of B cells in the elderly. With advanced single cell genomics platform and extensive single cell expertise, Single Cell is dedicated to facilitating your genomic analysis for B cells at single-cell level.

scRNA-seq for B Cells

scRNA-seq is a particularly powerful approach that provides simultaneous measurements of the cell subtype, transcriptional state, antibody sequence of single B cells and its antigen specificity as determined by the BCR. Monoclonal antibodies derived from these single B cells can then be cloned and characterized, thereby coupling the specificity of each B cell with its transcriptional program. Single Cell provides comprehensive RNA sequencing services for B cells at single-cell level.

scImmune Profiling for B Cells

Characterization of antigen-specific BCR repertoires is essential for understanding disease mechanisms involving humoral immunity. This is best done by interrogation of paired variable heavy (VH) and variable light (VL) chain sequences of individual and antigen-specific B cells. BCR help the immune system detect antigens and trigger antibody production. An individual harbors a repertoire of BCR specific to a range of antigens to which the person has been previously exposed. scRNA-seq BCR could be useful for generating therapeutic vaccines and antibodies as well as for designing disease diagnostics.

Fig.1 B cell. (Creative Biolabs Authorized) (

scCharacterization of B Cells Producing Immunoglobulin Antibodies

Single Cell also offers single cell RNA sequencing services to help our client characterize the immunoglobulin antibodies secreted by B cells at single-cell level. One of the most discovered antibody isotype is IgG antibody which plays a critical role in therapeutic treatment for various diseases. Another important antibody isotype is lgE that protects against helminth infections but can also cause life-threatening allergic reactions. Single cell data provide insight into immunoglobulin transcriptomics and enable biochemical dissection of this antibody class. At IC, we offer full single cell RNA sequencing services to characterize a wide range of immunoglobulin antibodies produced by B cells at single-cell level.

Characterization of single B cells isolated from peripheral blood of food-allergic individuals. Fig.1 Characterization of single B cells isolated from peripheral blood of food-allergic individuals. (Croote, 2018)

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At Creative Biolabs, we offer our clients a wide range of B cell single-cell omics solutions to facilitate their immunology research. Our single-cell omics solution is a comprehensive approach that allows simultaneous analysis of the cellular background and immune profiling of B cells at single-cell level. With our simplified process, you can complete the entire program from protocol design, sample preparation, sequencing to informatics analysis, revealing B cell diversity, V(D)J rearrangement, antibody sequence variability, BCR characterization, somatic mutation, and others. Please feel free to contact us to know more about our single cell omics solutions for B cells.


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