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Creative Biolabs provides a novel opportunity for characterizing the heterogeneity of different types of cells which plays an important role in mediating the clinical outcomes, such as drug response and the prognosis. Our scientists are dedicated to offering a wide spectrum of single-cell omics solutions to characterize tumor infiltrated immune cells at the single-cell level. With our extensive experience and advanced platforms, we have won a good reputation among our worldwide customers for successfully accomplished many projects in this filed.

Single Cell Omics Solutions for Mast Cells

Single-cell omics solution has been widely used in a number of human diseases, especially for various cancers. Recent researchers have revealed that it is an attractive strategy for investigating evolution and diversity in many cancer cells, as well as tumor infiltrated immune cell such as mast cells. Based on the integrated single-cell omics platform, Single Cell now offers a collection of single-cell analysis services to improve the discovery of mast cells in cancer progression. Our integrated single-cell omics platform including but limited to:

Mast cells
Single cell genomics

Single Cell Genomics Solutions for Mast Cells

Analyzing the genomic heterogeneity at the single-cell level is critical for cancer diagnosis and treatment. At Single Cell, single-cell sequencing technologies have been considered as powerful tools for detecting all clinically-related variants in mast cells. In general, the mutation rates and phenotypes of various cells will be detected to further evaluate the heterogeneity in clinic.

Single Cell Transcriptomic Solutions for Mast Cells

High cell-to-cell transcriptomic variation has been identified in a range of immune cell populations and the cell transcriptomic analysis has aroused much attention. Single Cell provides a series of services, including single-cell transcriptome sequencing, to detect cell expression and population composition in an unparalleled manner.

Single cell transcriptomics
Single cell proteomics

Single Cell Proteomic Solutions for Mast Cells

Pilot studies have indicated that single-cell proteomic analysis is an attractive strategy for detecting a wide collection of tumor infiltrated immune cells, especially for mast cells, to assess the drug efficacy and clinical outcome of cancer immunotherapy. As a professional service provider in single cells, Single Cell has developed a panel of single-cell proteomic assays to system-wide evaluate the functional states of mast cells. For instance, we offer advanced single-cell phenotyping of tumor-associated mast cells by using fluorescence flow cytometry (FFC), mass cytometry, and ELISpot assay.


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Creative Biolabs utilizes unrivaled, proprietary services, advanced project life-cycle management, as well as real-time data to ensure ideal outcomes. Through our full spectrum of early discovery, nonclinical and commercialization services, we are committed to developing the most promising single-cell omics solutions for our clients. For more detailed information, please feel free to contact us or directly sent us an inquiry.

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